Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 174

BEAUTY Bazaar Kiehl’s Silk Groom Serum, `1,350. AMBIKA ANAND, I’m not one of those who owns a collection of hair-brushes in different shapes and sizes—in fact, I don’t own one at all! When I’m not working, I never brush my hair, which actually works out really well for my naturally wavy locks. I achieve the tousled, Goa-hippy look with zero effort, which garners many compliments when I style it in a bun or top knot for evenings out. ANUSHKA MANCHANDA, SINGER & ACTRESS Sometimes it’s just a bath or shower with plain water for me. I prefer homemade pastes instead of soap or shower creams from Forest Essentials, but even those I don’t use everyday. Soap strips the body of essential oils and so does extremely hot water. I avoid both. KIRAT BHATTAL, RADHIKA VAZ, TELEVISION ANCHOR STAND-UP COMEDIAN I don’t colour my hair even though its all 50 shades of grey. I have been told it ages me. To combat this body-blow of an insult I have taken to lifting heavy weights. It kills cholesterol, the sagging bottom, and bad vibes. Who’s the old geezer now? Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray, `1,050. SONALIKA SAHAY, TOP MODEL A big deal is made out of frizz free hair, but I like to frizz it up even more. I have curly hair and love to mess it up with salt water surf spray. I’m currently using Stephen Knoll styling products, they’re amazing. 174 L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Moist Mat lipstick in Orange Power, `925. I get the idea of having a separate moisturiser or cream for the hands, but I don’t use one per se. The body lotion I use isn’t any old, regular one. My grandfather gets this pure cocoa butter from Ghana, called Queen Elisabeth Cocoa Butter, ` 1,025 (approx), which is made by Ghanaian housewives. Each time my grandfather travels, he comes back with tonnes of it. ANUJA CHAUHAN, AUTHOR & ADVERTISER I disagree with this notion that as you grow older, your choice of makeup colours should become more staid and muted because these are supposedly the mark of graceful class and sophistication. I take great inspiration from my 81 year-old mother, who doesn’t shy away from wearing bright pinks and oranges that contrast so fabulously with her pure white hair, and plan to do the same when I’m her age. The older you get, the more confident you should be about flaunting your character and personality. Women need to start becoming a little unapologetic about breaking beauty rules about so called ‘age-appropriate’ colours. IMAGE: COURTESY: ANUSHKA MANCHANDA, AMBIKA ANAND, KIRAT BHATTAL, ANUJA CHAUHAN, ARCHANA AKIL KUMAR, ARCHANA KUMARI SINGH, FOREST ESSENTIALS, KIEHL’S, MMGETTY, ESTÉE LAUDER, TONI&GUY VICE PRESIDENT, FASHION PROGRAMMING, NDTV GOOD TIMES