Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 173

Vichy Pureté Thermal, `550. Amritam Virgin Coconut Oil, `850. ANUSHKA MENON, PHOTOGRAPHER There shouldn’t be a one-sizefits-all rule about what’s the optimum number of times one should exfoliate. I mix a small amount of my Sabon Face Polisher, `3,225, which has mint oil and lemongrass, with my Vichy Pureté Thermal Facewash, `550; so I get a mild amount of progressive exfoliation everyday of the week. I think this works better than succumbing to the temptation of smothering your face with a scrub every other day, increasing the chances of rashes, redness, and breakouts. SEEMA SONDHI, FOUNDER, SEEMA SONDHI YOGA STUDIO I have oily skin. But, instead of a face wash, my special recipe for cleansing is oil. I apply equal parts castor and coconut oil on my face, and wipe off with a warm towel. I also use coconut oil straight up as a moisturiser. It’s a natural sunscreen and is extremely beneficial in reducing skin pigmentation. DR VANDANA CHATRATH, DERMATOLOGIST, KUBBA SKIN CLINIC IMAGE: COURTESY: SEEMA SONDHI, ANUSHKA MENON, RAGINI AHUJA, SUMAYA DALMIA, KAVITA KHOSA, PADMASHRI GEETA CHANDRAN, DR VANDANA CHATRATH, AMRITAM, VICHY, RETINOL. I don’t get facials. While there’s nothing wrong with them, I wouldn’t recommend them as an anti-ageing remedy. There isn’t anything special you achieve from facial massages that you can’t achieve yourself at home by spending some time applying your creams well on your face and neck. Investing, instead, in a good vitamin C serum for the day and a retinol cream for the night, depending on your skin type, is a more effective and effortless method for maintaining the health of your skin. RAGINI AHUJA, FASHION DESIGNER I will never colour my hair and love my frizzy locks as they are. I apply mum’s recipe of sesame oil cooked with aloe vera, almonds, and fenugreek seeds for shine and volume. Skincare Cosmetics Retinol Vitamin Enriched Night Cream, `2,300 (approx). PADMASHRI GEETA CHANDRAN, INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCER/CHOREOGRAPHER The standard rule for today is ‘less is more.’ I break that constantly. To me, ‘more is more’. I love the classical adornments that define femininity in India. And being a classical dancer, I get away with it. I love traditional silk saris and jewellery. Hair jewels are one of my favourites, as is my collection of nose pins. I am constantly inspired by India’s rich heritage of ornamentation and embellishment. It is what defines us in the global marketplace, and we should continue to celebrate our uniqueness! SUMAYA DALMIA, CELEBRITY FITNESS EXPERT I actually don’t over-exfoliate my skin or use retinol-based products in the name of skin regeneration techniques. I prefer natural methods wherein the skin repairs itself. So I wash my face daily with a combination of oat bran and coconut water. KAVITA KHOSA, FOUNDER, PUREARTH Facial and body hair on a woman is sensuous and f eminine. I like to keep the soft, fine, downy kind of baby hair on my face, arms and abdomen. I find that so sexy. We need to rethink this over-zealousness in lasering off all hair from our body. ä 173