Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 157

1 0 MINUTES WITH... ...Taru Kapoor, India head of Tinder, which has recently set up operations in the country—it’s first outside the United States— and revolutionised the world of dating On leadership A good leader is someone with empathy, who can make employees better versions of themselves. If you enable or empower your team, that’s what makes you successful. I follow an open culture where everyone is free to express On achievements their opinion. I have never looked at leadership from the I’ve been lucky to work with extremely smart people in lens of gender, because I’ve been lucky to never have faced different fields, but, personally, maintaining the balance bias or preferential treatment at any workplace on that between my work and personal life is an achievement as basis. The people I’ve had the opportunity to work with well. It’s a question of knowing your priorities and giving have not made me notice gender. importance where it is due. You need to give your everything On long-term goals to what you’re engaged in, and it’s a constant struggle. The I don’t believe in setting explicit goals. I want to always feeling of accomplishment comes when you make people learn, push my boundaries, get out of my comfort zone, happy and create an impact with your work at the same and ensure what I do is making a positive impact. time. So while I do set aside time for family and friends and On life beyond Tinder try to block calendars to see that I am in touch with them, I love reading—I recently reread To Kill A Mockingbird, if I’m working on a project I’ll keep my phone aside and and am reading a book about the Maruti setup story in not get distracted. India. Apart from the usual dinners and movies, I also like On the challenges of the Indian market to cook. The process it cathartic and de-stressing. Though India is a very diverse and exciting place, and at Tinder we a lot of my experience comes from two years of living alone are working with a young crowd—a generation that’s mobile in business school [Harvard Business School], I do like to versed and dynamic, but also one with high expectations copy my mother’s paranthas. and continuously evolving preferences. So we nee d to deliver On making a difference a product that is engaging, and I spend all I recently spoke to a couple that met each my time thinking about that. For example, I have never looked at other through Tinder, and it’s energising and Indian users chat a lot more than global humbling to know I play a small part in leadership from the users, so we have released an update that helping people make connections, and lens of gender allows people more functionality in the chat. change their lives for the better. n 157