Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 156

AT WORK Bazaar (From left) Engineers test the Free Electric bicycle prototype; Manoj Bhargava. C A P TA I N PLANET THERE’S A GLIMMER OF that make a difference. Enter: The MADNESS IN BILLIONAIRE Free Electric, which, when PHILANTHROPIST MANOJ pedalled for 60 minutes, can yield BHARGAVA, the kind that electricity for 24 hours, with no Indian-American billionaire inspires genius. Because what else waste, no bills. philanthropist Manoj Bhargava can convince you that sure, you They’ll be manufactured at the can change the world. He wants to plant in Singapore—about a is saving the world, one fix the deadly drought in California thousand a day, initially—until the investment at a time and bring light to the villages in India, bureaucracy and red tape in India allows and he’s proven he can. It begins with the Free him to open here, and then shipped to India. Electric—a bike that generates electricity when pedalled, But Bhargava has already installed them in about 20 homes and will go into production this month. in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, t