Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 119

PAYA L M E H TA , PAYA L N E W YO R K “I love to create a shaded effect in my pieces. I have always loved to sketch, so my work begins with putting pencil to paper. I am very interested in the way shading forms a remarkable contrast of light and dark. To make this necklace, I created a gradation of diamonds in white gold. The different sizes of diamonds create a cascade. There is white gold around the stones to connect them to create a type or chain of brilliant diamonds that move with the necklace’s lucky owner.” C A R O L I N E S C H E U F E L E , C H O PA R D “The pieces that changed me are the first two ones from the Green Carpet Collection we launched in May 2013 in Cannes that Marion Cotillard, who is very concerned by ethical issues in general, wore on the red carpet. When I realised that I didn’t know where our gold came from, I made it my mission to find out. By working with Livia Firth and Eco-Age, we have been able not only to identify [our sources], but also to make a real difference to lives of the people at the very beginning of our supply chain.” Payal New York necklace, price upon request. Boucheron Jodhpur necklace, price upon request. VA N DA N A J AG WA N I , CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: COURTESY PAYAL NEW YORK, CHOPARD, BOUCHERON, MAHESH NOTANDASS M A H E S H N O TA N DA S S “I wanted to create something rich with a fresh vibe, and came up with the half bracelet. The diamond band on top adds class and style, while the hanging evil eye charms add youthful exuberance. This was the encouragement I needed to come up with my signature line, Vandana For Mann. Mann is a foundation for differentlyabled children whom I support through proceeds from sales of this range.” Mahesh Notandass bracelet, price upon request. CLAIRE CHOISNE, BOUCHERON “Boucheron’s archives are a great source of inspiration, both from aesthetic and technical point of view. During my research in the archives, I learned that the house had a relationship with the Maharajas of India. The newest Bleu de Jodhpur collection is inspired by Jodhpur. The reversible Jodhpur necklace is made of makarana marble on the main side and rock crystal at the back, where we have used a stylised pattern inspired by delicate floral motifs. n SEE WHERE TO BUY FOR DETAILS 119