Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 118

ACCESSORIES Bazaar A K A N KS H A A N D TA R A N G A R O R A , A M R A PA L I “About seven years ago, we were working on cuts and forms in different gem stones. That’s when our Lotus motif was created. We got the lotus carved in ruby, and ended up using it as our new brand logo three years ago. We believe that the lotus is a timeless signifier of beauty and eternity, and is symbolic of Indian culture, which is very important for us as we represent Indian fine jewellery across the world.” Ganjam Ikat necklace, price upon request. ANDE PU RI ,G A M E RE JA SH D N 118 SHP “My first range for Ganjam in 2002, the ‘Ikat’ collection, embodies the brand’s classic-meets-contemporary style. Taking inspiration from the traditional Indian textile art of ikat, this collection transformed it into the precious medium of jewellery using rubies and diamonds set in yellow gold. It captures the fluidity, aesthetic, and the essence of ikat. This was an important turning point in my design thinking.” A L PA N A G U J R A L Cartier Tutti-Frutti necklace, not for sale. N AT H A L I E C O L I N , S WA R OV S K I “The accessory that changed my life is a statement necklace. Not one in particular, you cannot ask me to just pick one! Right now I am totally into the Euphory necklace [seen on Colin]. I kept thinking about the multifaceted women who need to go from work to a dinner or a cocktail party. Euphory was designed with the objective of versatility in mind. The closure is invisible and permits you to choose which central crystal stone you want to highlight depending on your mood or your outfit: Green, mauve, or red.” CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: COURTESY AMRAPALI, GANJAM, SWAROVSKI, ALPANA GUJRAL I first came across the Cartier Tutti-Frutti necklace in a book on Maharani Gayatri Devi for whom Cartier made it. I appreciated the beauty and balance in the piece. How well composed and thought out it was. As a jeweller, I try to maintain the same balance and essence to our roots. I try to select stones that have natural uniqueness but without technical flaws. E ID V E