Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 116

ACCESSORIES Bazaar THE PIECE THAT CHANGED ME You wear their creations and love their designs. But what’s behind it all? Fifteen prominent jewellers from across the globe share their singular inspirations with Bazaar and you. House of Rose La Reina necklace, price upon request. WA R I S A H L U WA L I A , H O U S E O F WA R I S “It all starts with a moment, a thought, or a feeling, and it all progresses from there. I was staying in room 503 at Hotel Raphael in Paris. It was there, on the walls of the room, that I first encountered a beautiful painted bird. This is where my worlds collided. I could see this bird as a beautiful hand-enamelled piece of jewellery, [in] the enamelling that is usually relegated to the back of traditional Indian pieces. From there, I set off on my search for a few more fine feathered friends.” B I R E N VA I DYA , THE HOUSE OF ROSE M A N J U KO T H A R I , E N T I C E “A part of my father’s passion for jewellery changed the way I see it. He combined his love for music, art, and jewels all in one, and started making a series of embellished musical instruments. Unlike other artefacts, these were designed true to proportions after studying the real instruments in detail and made after several trials. It was a great opportunity to see manifestations of my father’s passion expressed through jewellery. These instruments are close to my heart.” 116 Entice objets d’art, prices upon request. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: PORTRAIT, COURTESY CHRISTOPHER WRAY-MCCANN, COURTESY HOUSE OF WARIS, HOUSE OF ROSE, KGK ENTICE House of Waris earrings, price upon request. “The La Reina necklace changed me. I have always loved emeralds, and when I came across an extraordinary rough stone of over 3000-carats, I saw 23 beautiful pockets of extremely high gem quality in it. After we sent it for cutting to New York, I realised that this necklace would be one of the most exclusive baroque pieces in the world. It changed my whole thought process. This doesn’t come with any amount of money, it’s just luck and destiny.”