Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 110

A HARPER’S BAZAAR PROMOTION Elizabethan Food. Dine in the style of William Shakespeare at an Elizabethan banquet and sample a taste of what the gentry ate during the Golden Age of English history. Use your hands to feast on meats and fowls popular in Shakespeare’s time, be entertained by courtiers in period costume and even learn how to cook the Elizabethan way at a special cookery course. Take a tip from Shakespeare himself in The Comedy of Errors where he penned “Unquiet meals make ill digestions” and try a taste of mead – the oldest drink in Britain. Lumley Castle, north-east England . Step back in time to the year 1595 at the banquet feast of Sir John Lumley. Enter through the dungeon doors to the sound of bagpipes before being armed only with a dagger and a bib for feasting on five decadent courses. Banquet maids fill goblets with mead and wine while entertaining with songs, sketches and sing-a-longs before a disco in the dungeon! Lumley Castle, Elizabethan Banquet Hampton Court, London Hampton Court Palace, London Flower Cupcakes, Hampton Court Palace, London EAT THE ELIZABETHAN WAY Tudor Kitchen, south-east England. The Tudor kitchens at Hampton Court Palace are famous throughout the world for being those of King Henry VIII. They continued to be used as Royal Court kitchens for a further 200 years, feeding the tables of Tudor, Elizabethan, Stuart and Georgian monarchs and their many courtiers. Now they are home to a fascinating research project run by Historia food archaeologists who regularly bring the kitchens to life experimenting with traditional recipes, ingredients and cooking methods to prepare feasts fit for a king. Hatfield House, south England. The Hatfield Banquet takes place in the magnificent 15th-century Great Hall of the Old Palace of Hatfield House, a Grade I listed building that was previously home to Elizabeth I. You can sit at long banqueting tables and enjoy a delicious four-course dinner of meats, mead and desserts popular in Elizabethan times. 110 The village of Standon in Hertfordshire, England