Harper's Bazaar March 2016 - Page 109

A HARPER’S BAZAAR PROMOTION Stratford-upon-Avon and The New Place. Stratford-upon-Avon is a handsome market town 20 miles south east of Birmingham where Shakespeare lived for much of his life. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is transforming New Place, the site of Shakespeare’s home for the last 19 years of his life to create a new heritage landmark. Shakespeare wrote 26 of his best-loved plays as owner of New Place. The re-imagined New Place will allow visitors to discover William the family man, homeowner and successful entrepreneur thanks to an archaeological dig at the site that has unearthed significant new findings, including the site of Shakespeare’s ‘kitchen’ including the great dramatist’s ‘oven’ and ‘fridge’. A treat for the visitors! Keats House. A visit to the Keats House lets you explore the relationship between Keats and Shakespeare and charts Shakespeare’s influence on Keats’ life and work. The story is outlined through objects, prints and books providing a rare opportunity to see Keats’ own annotated copies of Shakespearean works. Keats House, London price upon request. Stratford-upon-Avon, England Windsor castle. A setting for DUMMY TEXT DUMMY TEXT Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor, beautiful Windsor Castle has been home to British kings and queens for over 1000 years. In 2016, Shakespeare in the Royal Library will show how generations of monarchs since Elizabeth I have enjoyed Shakespeare’s work. Running throughout 2016 Shakespeare in the Royal Library will feature rare Shakespearean folios collected by former kings, accounts of Windsor Castle performances and Shakespeare-inspired art produced by members of the monarchy. MUST-VISIT PLACES Royal Shakespeare Company Performance, Strateford-upon-Avon Shakespeare Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). RSC produces an inspirational artistic programme each year, setting Shakespeare in context, alongside the work of his contemporaries and today’s writers. It’s the only theatre company with their own on-site armour, producing breastplates, gauntlets, belts and weaponry. RSC has trained generations of the very best theatre makers and continues to nurture talent. It attracts over 1 million visitors at their Stratford-upon-Avon theatre each year. Visitors may also take a journey from ‘Page to Stage’: a new discovery tour that leads from the first day of rehearsals to the first performance, including an opportunity to look inside the RSC’s store of 30,000 costumes for the very first time. Tour tickets cost £8.50. The Windsor Castle, London 109