Harper's Bazaar June 2018 - Page 96

BEAUTY Bazaar SALUTE THE SUN Why the surya namaskara is the only workout you need, for both mind and body. Yoga expert and author Ira Trivedi shows Bazaar how to master this ancient practice. Photographs by IRINA USOVA The surya namaskara is composed of physical form, psychic energy, and divine rhythm. Its 12 postures create the physical matrix around which energy flows, and its performance in a steady sequence focused on breath reflects the rhythms of the universe—the lunar cycle, the hours of a day, the 12 zodiac phases of a year, and the biorhythms of our internal body. It is an ancient, powerful routine that has the ability to uplift you. Learn it, practice it, imbibe it. Dress, price upon request, Shantanu & Nikhil. Creative director: Yurreipem Arthur. Fashion editor: Moumita Sarkar. Sittings editor: Prableen Gujral. 11 HASTA UTTHANASANA