Harper's Bazaar June 2018 - Page 84

So BAZAAR FARAH KHAN ALI, founder , f arah K han f ine J ewellery SIMONE ARORA, interior designer & founder , s imone SUSSANNE KHAN, interior designer & founder , t he C harCoal P roJeCt & Partner , t helabellife . Com What was it like to grow up in a family full of women? Farah Khan Ali : You were never lonely. Simone Arora : I was lucky to find my best friends at a very early age. Sussanne Khan : It keeps you grounded and sane in a world full of chaos. My sisters were my pillars. Who are your biggest fashion influences? SK : Our mother. She is meticulous about looking neat and presentable and has a great eye for colour. SA : Her closet was always open to us and her collection of jewellery and accessories certainly influenced my interest in fashion. FKA : Both our grandmothers were also very stylish. On my mother’s Parsi side, our grandmother used to wear beautiful gara saris with a bold lipstick and dark eye makeup. My father’s mother was very regal. She used to wear a lot of fi roza [turquoise], pearl, and emerald jewellery. I think that’s why I use so many blue and green gemstones in my own work. Among the three of you, who was more interested in fashion? FKA : Sussanne was always more experimental. Simone and I are much more classical in our sense of dress. What inspires your designs? SK : I collect a lot of art, especially young artists. I don’t see it as an investment; it’s a part of my personality. Right now I’m really enjoying the work of Vishal Dar who is very New Age. FKA : Architecture and nature are my two biggest inspirations when I design. In my most recent collection for example I debuted a new monogram called Aayat. It has four sides and can look like a bird in flight, an architectural dome, or even a petal. I wanted the collection to be a little playful, and fun. I want young girls, just like my daughter, to be able to wear it their own way. What are some of your favourite brands? SA : Ralph Lauren, Brunello Cucinelli, Chanel, and Cartier. I also love saris from Adarsh Gill. SK : Gucci for something a little mad and Dior’s more sober pieces. Even stores like Gap and Topshop are great to mix and match with. FKA : For everyday wear it’s Zara. When it comes to brands, I lean towards Azzedine Alaïa, Valentino, Gucci, and Fendi. 84