Harper's Bazaar June 2018 - Page 104

Bazaar BEAUTY EW: Being a mother is tough, and you MM: They’re all adventurous; maybe it’s were a single mom. How did you in their genes. I’ve lived in eight cities balance your career and maintain a and three countries. I love exploring sense of self? new cultures. Did you know that in MM: I kept in good health. And I’m China they don’t consider older optimistic, but even with all my women to be relevant, so I was flown optimism I never would have said to to Shanghai to talk about being myself, “When I get to 70, I’m really relevant, fashionable, and contributing going to take off.” I would have to society. And I gave a talk in sounded like a crazy lady. Stockholm about healthy eating last EW: We are good role models—living year. That’s where I met you. proof that you can continue to do all EW: I remember. Any hobbies? sorts of exciting things after 70. MM: I spend a lot of time on Speaking of exciting, your son Elon Instagram. I love spending time with [who is also the founder and CEO of my 10 grandkids and hearing about Space X] had an amazing experience what they’re doing; they’re so excited. this winter with his rocket test launch. How many grandkids do you have? MM: Off the charts. EW: Nine. We could have a poker EW: It was unbelievable! You must be game. I’ll have to add one to the team super proud. Did Elon show signs of so that we’re equal. You were named a being an inventor when he was little? face of CoverGirl at 69, and it was MM: He was always curious; all my described as a history-making moment. kids were always exploring things. Is that your greatest achievement? I’m very proud of all of them. MM: My three kids are my greatest “I don’t know if I want to spend EW: Was Elon doing things like achievement. I never dreamed of taking apart the toaster? Did you being a CoverGirl, but here I am! three months in a rocket. As a encourage that? It’s so amazing. The response has nutritionist, I could probably MM: I’ve always encouraged their been so positive. People post #Goals curiosity. But if they picked apart the and #GOAT. Do you know what help by sending food. It would toaster, they knew they had to put it GOAT means? have to be compacted.” back together again. EW: No, what does it mean? EW: Now he’s planning a flight to MM: Greatest of All Time. EW: That’s so wonderful. It really reaffirms the importance of Mars. Do you want to be on board that spaceship? MM: I don’t know if I want to spend three months in a rocket. appreciating and encouraging women of all ages. In the beginning, it will just be engineers, who will go first to MM: Another hashtag they write is #OG. I had to ask my set up a city. As a nutritionist, I could probably help by sending granddaughter what it meant; it’s Original Gangster. I laughed food. It would have to be compacted. so much. EW: Speaking of flying, I’m fascinated that growing up in EW: Oh, my God, I love this. OG. For me, and I think it’s the South Africa you flew around in a prop plane with your family same for you, being optimistic, always looking out instead of searching for the Lost City. in, and trying to improve the world in some way are the keys MM: I had adventurous parents. We would go across the to success and change, and something we’ve passed on to our Kalahari Desert every July with three weeks’ supply of water, children. I’ve been trying to do that in education for decades. gas, and food. I don’t know how my mom did it because she You’ve been trying to do that with nutrition forever. had five little kids. We never found the Lost City, but we My daughter Susan is trying to improve the world with came across caves, rivers, and Bushmen, who had never seen YouTube. And Elon is doing it with the electric car industry. white people. And we saw lots of animals. Lions would come Every time I get into my Tesla I think of Elon. n up to our camp. EW: Do you think these adventures impacted you positively Esther Wojcicki is a journalist, educator, and the founder of the and that was something you passed on to your kids? Palo Alto High School Media Arts Center On Musk: Dress, Carolina Herrera. Shoes, Manolo Blahnik. Earrings, David Yurman. All prices upon request. See Where to Buy for details. 104