Harlem Dae Issue 1 - Page 9

Victor & Zara Victor Partridge is in his mid-thirties, lives in London and runs his own successful architectural company. He’s had his head down for years building up his business and becoming a very wealthy man, though that’s not to say he hasn’t had a time for a lady in his life, and for a long time that lucky woman was Helen. But their relationship came to what Victor thought was a natural end, (there’s more to be revealed about that) and he continued to enjoy his fabulous bespoke apartment overlooking Tower Bridge and the fruits of his hard work. Having an uncomplicated, routineorientated life also means Victor remembers to take the medication he needs to keep his heart rhythm steady and strong—without that, he teeters on the edge. And the brink of what Victor can cope with, the border of everything he thinks he understands about sex and control, arrives one winter’s day when he enters a coffee shop, meets a pretty girl with a sure-thing smile and then steps into her lair. Zara Watson turns Victor’s world upside down when she sets him a challenge an inquisitive, intelligent man