Harlem Dae Issue 1 - Page 6

Sexy as Hell Inspiration ‘Sexy as Hell’ is a phrase used often enough, but what does it mean? Is Hell sexy? Not when depicted by religious literature it isn’t. In fact, it’s a place to be avoided at all cost. To be in limbo is not a teetering-on-the-edge-ofeternal-wrath-and-fire tightrope you want to be balancing on. Well, not if you’re a good boy or girl, that is. So why does the expression Sexy as Hell make people twist a smile, twitch their eyebrows and glance sideways? Is it because the suggestion that Hell is sexy is wickedly immoral, hot-toboiling point and holds hints of carnal desires met in the dead of the night when no one is watching? Is it that it implies sex in its most primitive form, just the mating and satisfying of bodies without the emotion and the deeply committed love that Heaven sanctifies? Is the Hell in the expression simply a profanity? Or maybe even a way to enhance the meaning of sexy? If you’re Sexy as Hell are you more alluringly sensual than any other earthwalking human? Do you have your own unique, blisteringred carpet to sashay upon and turn the head of the horniest devil and the most daring of lovers? Sexy as Hell can be interpreted any which way you want; an expression of endearment, soul-aching ardour or unquenched lust. Take it how you want it, that’s the name of the game. And that’s the game Zara plays. Living in a nocturnal world of depraved sex shows where anything goes as long as it feels good, she really is burying herself under a shroud of sensation