Harlem Dae Issue 1 - Page 19

“I finally felt I’d discovered what worked for me. I was able to push the boundaries (my own) and find out what kink level I was prepared to go to. In book three of Sexy as Hell—The Vixen—I found my stopping point. There’s one scene I just could not write. I stared at the screen and the words wouldn’t come. Lily had to take over, because the scene needed to be there but I didn’t have it in me to get it down on paper. I always thought I could write about anything— how wrong I was!” As well as being traditionally published, Natalie decided to go out on a limb and try Indie publishing. “I was nervous putting a novel out there by myself. I’d convinced myself it would tank.” The Contract, a BDSM super-novel, hit #34 on Amazon in its first week. “I’d never been so shocked to see book sale numbers. My dream of reaching so many people had come true. I still can’t get over it, because it’s still selling at a steady pace. I can’t thank readers enough for taking a chance on me then leaving great reviews.” Natalie has just finished co-writing another set of three books with Lily. They’re short stories but pack a mighty sexual punch. While they wait for news on whether the chosen publisher wants to accept them, Natalie is writing another BDSM novel, The Dismissive Submissive, combining her love of crime/thriller with her romance. Natalie also writes romance as Sarah Masters and Geraldine O’Hara. ]8$][YHYB]\H܈H][YHYHHۛJBݙ[X\Y Lݙ[\[ܝܚY\X\Y LY][ۘ[P]]܈ݙ[ L H]][X^ۈ [X\وX\Yܙ ݙ[ӛݙ[\]Z][XX][ۈ T B