Harlem Dae Issue 1 - Page 18

Who is Natalie Dae? Natalie Dae has always wanted to be sexy as hell but has never quite got the hang of it. Instead, she goes about her daily business as best she can, the hope that one day she’ll be glammer than a glamour puss lingering on the fringes of her mind. Still, there’s always her writing, her characters, and with the infinite possibilities writing brings, she can be sexy—or make them sexy anyway. She’s a book fiend, reading any spare chance she gets, and her husband has been known to quote “You’ve always got your nose stuck in a book one way or another.” That’s indeed true, because if she isn’t reading she’s writing or creating cover art for someone else’s book. Natalie is immersed in the romance world to such a degree that people would be correct if they thought she lived and breathed it. Which she does. “Life has a funny way of guiding you, telling you where to go,” she said. “When I first started writing many years ago, I tried wartime romances much like Lena Kennedy. They were my inspiration to pick up the pen and write a book myself. Even though the love of it was there, the execution and knowledge needed to write a novel wasn’t. Those books are stuffed in a cupboard, wrapped up in brown files— and that’s where they’re staying. They’re awful!” So she went on to try horror, a genre she loves, and this gained her a publishing contract and her first book in print. After it became apparent readers perhaps didn’t enjoy her brand of horror—in-your-face and quite nasty—she turned back to romance, this time with erotica added to the pot. “It took a while to get used to writing rude,” she said. “I used to blush every time I wrote a naughty word. But I got used to it, and now those words are the same as any that aren’t at times considered taboo.” As her career developed and she tried historical and fantasy—another two genres she loves—she discovered BDSM. Writing the lifestyle appealed to her.