Harlem Dae Issue 1 - Page 17

body and content of mind (kind of!). It also ensures her dogs sleep for hours and give her a peaceful life once back home. Although the countryside suits Lily and she can’t say no to a homeless animal and a rural view, she does love a little (read ‘lot of’) glamour. Trips to London, Paris and New York are one of the many highlights of being the other half of a super hero and always involve detailed shopping trips and hours of precision packing (not to mention roping in said walking friends to feed the animals). But although travelling and living the high life in cities and beaches around the globe is a wonderful treat, the real pleasure is getting home, to her cottage—sitting in the garden in summer or her little pink study in winter—and writing to her heart’s content. As she’s been known to say, on many occasion, more than a day without writing and the shakes set in. Wine won’t cure, neither will chocolate—writing is her poison, her obsession and her new and deeply profound love (nursing came first). Everyone has their addiction, and for Lily it’s filling up e-readers worldwide with sexy stories and characters that will stay with booklovers for years to come. Go on, dip your toe into the Lily Harlem pond and see if a frog turns into a prince and you get as hooked on erotic romance and darkly seductive plots as you know you want to be. Stats – Lily Harlem Novels published 14 Novellas and Short Stories Published 14 Additional Co-Author Novels 7 1 hits at Amazon 3 Number of Published Words 1,251,500 Novels/Novellas awaiting publication 6 Number of Heroes created 60 Deaths in Novels 3 Shags in Novels – not measurable! Kink Level – off the scale