Harlem Dae Issue 1 - Page 16

Who is Lily Harlem? Lily Harlem is sexy as hell, well, she is when immersed in her imagination! Which makes her a perfect match with Natalie Dae, who has similarly wicked and seriously sexy thoughts when left alone. Alone, that’s right! Lily (like Natalie) loves a healthy dose of solitude. Not to say she doesn’t adore her walking, talking inspiration Mr Harlem, just that, well, (it’s a delicate situation) when he goes away each week to save the world the voices in her head come out not just to play but sing and dance as well. With no constraints she can let her characters’ seedy desires and sordid stories flood the page in great big gushes of words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters! Often found well past the witching hour in front of a roaring log fire, with a halfdrunk glass of Shiraz and a cat at her side, Lily loves leaving time to do its own thing and immersing herself in the scenarios in her head— what’s the point of going to bed if the characters haven’t got off yet? They have to be satisfied before they’ll shut up for the night! Perhaps a slight madness and a love of isolation is the right of a writer. Lily likes to think so because it’s the days spent alone when Mr H is away that really allow her to indulge in her love of crafting sexy fiction. Of course, it ݽձɅѥѼѡЁ䰁ѥ䁙Օѽɥ̰ȁݽձɕѼ͡ɽѥ̤ͼɍ͔ЁхɑȁѼͅɅѥݥѠݡЁ͕̤̀ݡɕɹ́ݕѥɕ٥]ѡ́ѡ͔ɥ݅́ݥѠɥ̰ݡѡ́ѡȁ͕ٕ́ݡɽɽչѡݥ́]́ѡȁѡȁ͕ɕ̰Ѽɕ٥٥ѥQ́́1䁥ɥ͡ѡ((0