Harlem Dae Issue 1 - Page 11

to her will, submit like everyone else does (at work she has a slave who craves her attention, her beatings, her intimate invasions of his body) and make Victor see that her way is something he could get off on—something he could grow to love and crave, beg for even. Shocking Victor becomes Zara’s new hobby. Watching his cheeks flush, his eyes widen and him getting aroused gives her a thrill like no other. When he starts playing on her mind during the day, she yearns to contact him out of their agreed times. So she pesters him at work and is delighted when he interacts with her, allowing her to smooth talk him into doing things she’s desperate to see him experience. The way his strong, lean body shakes and sweats, how his skin blooms to berry-red gets Zara off in a big way—in way that buries deep into her core. Victor’s confidence, however, in the new ways to express desire, allows him to rise up, take the reins and Zara gets to see the masterful, Dominant side of his passion. It’s a moment of pride for Zara to see him growing and bursting free of his vanilla chains. Her enjoyment proves to be just the beginning of a much longer story with battles for emotional control, pushing physical limits and reaching deep into the past to look forward to the future. Victor is a dangerous combination of sweet and kind, fierce and forceful, and ultimately he understands the cracks in Zara and that she has to open them up in order to be healed. Walking away, yes, it is always an option in Zara’s world.