Harlem Dae Issue 1 - Page 10

like him just can’t refuse. Now, no longer is he the conductor in the bedroom— albeit to a vanilla tune—he is the one being ordered around. Demands are made and pain and pleasure are mixed in a confusing soup he doesn’t yet understand. He’s passive yet strong, keen to learn yet horrified at some of his own intense reactions to what his teacher is showing him. But he doesn’t stop, he keeps going, he will ‘get it’. Zara calls Victor The Virgin, not because he’s never had sex before but because he’s new to her world of BDSM. This presumed naivety irritates Victor, but it’s the truth—to start with anyway. Because the lessons Zara sets up for Victor are both shocking and sensual, and she controls him with words and actions. Struggling at times to obey her, he swings between wanting Zara, wanting to comprehend the new heights of ecstasy she’s taking him to and flipping the scene and becoming the Dom himself or—and he knows this would be the most sensible thing to do—turn around and walk away from The Vixen who’s thrown his life into the air and is happily watching it land in a muddled, yet erotic mess, around his feet. Zara Watson is in her late twenties and lives a nocturnal life in the seedy underground world of London sex clubs. She isn’t a whore, doesn’t have sex for money, but she does enjoy being part of and watching the extreme erotic shows at her place of work. To satisfy her high libido, Zara collects men from coffee shops, uses them for a night of fun and then moves on. She’s not interested in a relationship—she’s had one of those and it didn’t end well. Victor is no different to her other catches. He’s tall, dark, handsome—her preferred kind—and he has an air of power and selfcontrol. But in the bedroom there is one thing he won’t do. She demands it, offers it, and still he refuses. This is like showing a red rag to a bull, and instantly Zara is determined to make him bend