Hardscape North America Show Guide Show Guide 2017 – The One Place - Page 23

BUILD YOUR COMPANY WITH THE ICPI CONTRACTOR MEMBER TOOL KIT When you attend this year’s Hardscape North America, an Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute event, visit ICPI’s booth (#20010) to learn how we can help build your business. The ICPI Contractor Member Tool Kit will give you important resources to: Improve how you market yourself and your company. Get your installers certified and understand the latest installation best practices. Implement safety programs to protect your employees’ health and company’s well-being. Deploy the GW7G'( 2FW7BFV66f&F6VFr67G'V7F7V7F6V6Ɨ7G2FWFVB67G'V7FG&vw2B&V7@&fW2FvfRRFW6vFV2ࠐtWGv&BV&g&&fW762g&7V7G2bFR6VvVF67&WFRfVV@GW7G'6VFrFW"6G&7F'2Vf7GW&W'2FVW'2BFW6vW'2खbR5&Vf&RRv&V6VfRV&W F66VB5VGV6F&R6W'6W2BFP6W766vRRv6&RfFVBFW6W6fR5V&W"'GvVFW6FWfVpBऔ52FRG&FR766Ff"FR6VvVF67&WFPfVVBGW7G'FRVFVB7FFW2B6F5V&W'62ff&F&RfW7FVBW 6( 2gWGW&Rf"&Rf&F6s2cSrc"f6Bwwr7&r&Vv7FW"Bwwr&G66T6У#0