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HNA CONFERENCE SESSIONS Kentucky Exposition Center WEDNESDAY, OCT. 17 4:00PM – 5:15PM Pitfalls and Reasons Why Most Hardscape Contractors are Not More Profitable Monroe Porter Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes hardscape contractors encounter. Topics covered include how to identify losing and winning jobs, how to avoid pricing mistakes, the ins and outs of collections, the importance of building the right business structure with the right support, how to control sales/design expense and much more. THURSDAY, OCT. 18 8:00AM – 9:15AM Production Management and Crew Motivation on the Hardscape Jobsite Frank Gandora There are things that happen on the jobsite that directly affect company profits. Learn how to create uniformity between projects, consisting of the procedures, skills, production methods and crew motivation tips that will bring your projects to a higher standard of quality, increase efficiency and optimal customer satisfaction. 10:00AM – 11:15AM Estimating Projects with Confidence and Profit Jerry Gaeta Do you know your cost of doing business or performing the work that you sell? Are you just guessing? You may actually be selling your work for less than it costs you to perform it or for minimal profit. This seminar will demonstrate the importance of an estimating strategy and show how to develop a Ή₯΅Α±•΅•ΉΠΡ‘”ΝΡΙ…Ρ•δΡΌ‰•½΅”΅½Ι”)ΑΙ½™₯Ρ…‰±”…Ή•Π„‰•ΡѕȁɕΡΥΙΈ™½Θε½Υȁ•™™½ΙЁ…ΉΙ₯Ν¬Έ(ΔΨ( ΰΰΰ€€Τΰΐ΄δδΨΐ