Hardscape North America Attendee Brochure OnePlace. One Industry. One Show. - Page 23

1 ATTENDEE INFORMATION (one form required per attendee) 3 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER Name: Online: www.hardscapena.com Title: Fax: Sellers Expositions: (812) 949-9600 Mail: Mail this form to: Hardscape North America (HNA) PO Box 139 New Albany, Indiana 47151 Company: Address: City: State/Province: Phone:( ) Fax:( Postal Code: Registrations cannot be taken over the phone. Questions: Call (888) 580-9960 or (812) 949-9200 ) Country if outside the U.S.: E-Mail Address (Required): Your purchasing role:  Final decision maker  Recommend or specify products or vendors  No role Your primary job:  Crew Member  Design Specialist  Manager/Supervisor/Crew Leader  Student  Owner/CEO/President/VP  Sales/Marketing  Other – Please Specify: I heard about HNA through:  Repeat attendee  Distributor/manufacturer  HNA brochure  HNA email  HNA Exhibitor  Magazine ad or insert  HNA Website  Word of mouth  Other – Please Specify: 2 BUSINESS CLASSIFICATION  Hardscape Contractor  General Contractor  Design Firm  Student  Government/University  Landscape Contractor  Dealer/Distributor  Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer/Licensor Firm*  Supplier/Associate/Consultant*  Other *Through Sept. 7: $350, Sept. 8-Oct. 16: $400, onsite: $450. 3 Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be submitted to HNA in writing (see above) by October 10, 2017. A refund, less an administrative fee of $50 per person, will be issued after the event. No refunds will be provided for trade show only registration or if registration fees total less than $50. Substitutions will be permitted from the same company at any time prior to the start date without penalty. HNA, ICPI, BIA and NCMA are not responsible for expenses incurred due to cancellation of a program, course or event. If a course or program is cancelled, a refund of the full registration fee for that program will be issued after the event. TRADE SHOW ADMISSION TRADE SHOW PASS: Th &VvrrCRVF&VvbrC3VgFW"brCcV"( 2W&FrVf7GW&W'27WƖW'2BvV6W2VF6W3F&VvrrC3SVF&VvbrCCVgFW"brCCSV@TET4DbDUdTE0GVW6FV&W V&W 567&WFRfW"7FW"6W'6RGVRvVB*C#cP*C33P5Gf6VB&W6FVFfW"FV666W'6RGVRvVB*C#cP*C33P56W&6fW"7FW"6W'6RGVRvVB*C#cP*C33P45%r7FW"6W'6RGVR*CcP*CcP557V6Ɨ7B6W'6RvVB*C##*C#4Gf6VB&W6FVF5%r7FW"vVB*C#P*C#P4Gf6VB6W&65%r7FW"vVB*C#P*C#PFVW"&w&vVB*C@*C#7FW"666WFF*CS&Vf&R`*C#gFW"`vVFW6FWw&FSƗfRWFF"FV7G&F2b*CS*CS56VV7BR6G&7F"f&FV&W'6*C3R@FVW"fFrV&W'6*CSC@6VRwwr7&rf"FW"V&W"6FVv&W0`6fW&V6R6W766vR6fR66RR6W762V&W"V&W *CR*C##FW'6FVGV6F:6'FRF6WG2FFB&'7Fr3VW&vrƖRVBvVW&FG&VG0f"&W6FVF&G66R'W6W76W2*CS*CSvV&vRVFW3W7FFR67W&FR"67G0Fv2R&fB*CS*CS&GFW'63#CRvB&VǒVBF6Ф7FW&rFR'Bb6V6F*CS*CSvV&vRVFW3C37G&FVvW2Fv&R&fF&P6G&7G2bfW&6RFRr&B&6W72*CS*CSW''vWF3vRFfFRb&W&PW"&G66RFVf"7V66W72*CS*CSg&&W'VR36WGFrWW"&G66R7&Ww2vFFR&v@FV6wF7&V6R&fG2BVff6V7*CS*CSv'&723#CR&V6֖rW'6bfVV6R*CS*CSFfRW'&3C34( 2Wr7'7FƖR6Ɩ6&VwVF*CS*CSg&FVGV6F:6'FRF6WG2FW'6Fbg&FP@TBd$D7V'FFVGV6FbFWfVG0@*6V6V66VB&RF&G66R'FW&6*7&VFB6&BVB6&6Rd47FW$6&@U7V'FFG&FR6rfVP6V7F"@R6&B7V'FFVGV6F`FWfVG26V7F2@7V'FFV&W'6GVW06V7FB@FFVBvVB@6&BWFFP5eb6V7W&G6FP&ƖrFG&W72bFffW&VBg&&fRWF&VB6vGW&P#0