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AWARDS PRESENTATION THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19, 4:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. – IN THE TRADE SHOW FLOOR CLASSROOM Join us to honor the 2017 HNA Award Winners. Award winning projects will be on display as we honor those outstanding hardscape projects by contractors in residential and commercial applications. 2016 Winner of the Combination of Hardscape Products - Commercial - Size Less than 20,000 sf Category Contractor: Monello Landscape Industries – Manufacturer: Techo-Bloc – Designer: Joe Monello Want to Enter Your Project? Have you completed an outstanding hardscape project between November 2013 and June 2017? Enter it today and get tons of press and attention from your peers! Winners will be recognized during the 2017 Hardscape North America trade show and will be featured in the Interlock Design magazine, the HNA website and several other industry publications. Early-bird entry deadline: Aug. 14, 2017, Entry Fee: $100 for members (ICPI, BIA, NCMA); $200 for non-members Final entry deadline: Sept. 11, 2017 Entry Fee: $140 for members (ICPI, BIA, NCMA); $240 for non-members DOWNLOAD THE HNA 2017 MOBILE APP Making plans and navigating HNA 2017 is a breeze with the official mobile app. The 2017 GO HNA app gives you quick and easy access to: Trade show fl ½½Θ΅…ΐ€‘!9…Ή%­aA<€)α‘₯‰₯ѽȁ‰½½Ρ ±½½­Υΐ€‘₯Ή‘½½Θ…Ή½ΥΡ‘½½Θ•α‘₯‰₯ΡΜ€)M•…ɍ ™•…ΡΥɕ́™½Θ•α‘₯‰₯Ρ½ΙΜ€΄…±Α‘…‰•Ρ₯…±±δ½Θ‰δΑΙ½‘ՍЁ…Ρ•½Ιδ) ½΅ΑΙ•‘•ΉΝ₯Ω”!9Ν‘•‘Υ±”έ₯Ρ Ν•ΝΝ₯½ΈΡ₯΅•Μ…Ή±½…Ρ₯½ΉΜ)Α•ΙΝ½Ή…°₯Ρ₯Ή•Ι…ΙδΡ½½°ΡΌΑ±Υœ΅₯Έε½Υȁ͍‘•‘Υ±••‘Ս…Ρ₯½ΈΝ•ΝΝ₯½ΉΜ)…Ή•α‘₯‰₯Ρ½ΊѼ΅••Π)½έΉ±½…Ρ‘”΅½‰₯±”…Αΐ₯Έ₯QΥΉ•Μ½ΘΡ‘”½½±”A±…δΝΡ½Ι”°)M•…ɍ ƒŠq!…ɑ͍…Α”9½ΙΡ ΅•Ι₯„€ΘΐΔά»Št(Θΐ( ΰΰΰ€€Τΰΐ΄δδΨΐ