HAPI Guide Summer 2017 - Page 48

HEALTH Ultimately, that is the problem: We’re killing ALL of the systems that would normally help stabilize the Earth’s climate, such as oceans and rainforests. Carbon displacement is real, and soil erosion and the burning of fossil fuels are taking carbon from the land and moving it to water and air. Regenerative agricul- ture is the most promising and productive means we have to remedy this situation while improving the quality of our foods and water efficiency. 7. Destroying the Lungs of the World Another type of oil that is robbing our grandchil- dren of a future is palm oil, an inexpensive oil found in countless household products, from soaps and cosmetics to processed foods and cooking oils. In Indonesia, massive fires are intentionally set to clear rainforest for palm oil plantations. As noted in the film, “This cheap commodity is making companies tremendous pr ٚ]˸'HH[KBX]HXNZ[ܙ\8%H[وHܛ ^K[H[[][ۜ]HZ[ݙ\X] \[وHZ[ܙ\[[ۙ\XKHܙ\\\و MH[X\Y[ܙH\ۈ[H][\H[H[\HKˈXۛ^KXX[]\H^K[H\[][ۜقTHZYB[ܘ[][[\[[Y\\H[™X[X]Y HX\ۜ\Hܙ\\HZ[™\YY\X]\H[HY\^Z[X˜۝Z[[[H[ \\Y][\\H\BH\\[X\[ۜوۜ[Y\\H][˜[[ܙYXH\X]H\˂AŽ \[][ۈ\[\HHX\XB[”]\][H\YHو[][ۚ[[]XB[\HZH\P\[[[ۈ]\S›وXV[\K[]XX[HHXB[][ۈۛHHKˈ]H[\Hܛ\[\O]\x&\YYXܞH[[]YK]\\ܚ[ۈX[]\Y\][YXY[ BHܙH\[\K\\H]X [YYYKBۙ[وH][ۋ\H[\[^\œ[KX]\\H[H]KHX\]HY[BYHو\[[[]\Y\\][H]Y][Z[[H[و[XX[\[˂H[H]\HX[ܙH[\HX BYH\[[[\H\[[\B[YK]]][Z[H\[[]\[\