HAPI Guide Summer 2017 - Page 41

CONSCIOUS CINEMA of the connectedness that’s absent from their lives and desperately needs to be restored through their own beliefs and manifestation efforts. which a group of lost souls in a small English town look to bring meaningful connection into their lives, a quest made difficult by social and cultural pressures that no longer serve them. A comparable search also unfolds in “Nebraska” (2013), in which an aging borderline alcoholic on the verge of de- mentia (Bruce Dern) who mistakenly believes he’s won a clearinghouse sweepstakes quietly seeks to forge or revive the most important relationships in life, a task made challenging by all of the ques- tionable influences surrounding him, including his self-serving, domineering wife (June Squibb), his former business partner (Stacy Keach) and a host of shirt-tail relatives all looking to cash in on their relation’s alleged good fortune. Of course, once we realize the benefits of connec- tion, we can truly turn it to our advantage, using it to solve problems in our lives. Such is the case in “Hope Springs” (2012), the story of a middle-aged married couple (Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones) who have grown apart and look to restore the old magic of their connection, the one that brought them together in the first place. On some level, though, many of us sense our con- nectedness and never give up searching for it, no matter how difficult that may be. In the ironically titled “Six Degrees of Separation” (1993), a trou- bled street kid (Will Smith) seeks the acceptance of others by learning the ways of affluent contem- poraries and then looking to ingratiate himself with their well-to-do families, particularly an up- per-crust Manhattan couple (Donald Sutherland, Stockard Channing) who deal in fine art. Likewise, the earnest search for a romantic connection pro- vides the basis of “Hard Pill” (2005), in which a young gay )ѡM٥չՍ䁥ٔ)͕́Ѽ́䁕ɽɤ)х՜ɕѵЁɽɅͥѼɸ)ѕɽ͕ՅٔѡЁٕ́ݥ)ɔхѼݥȁɽ̴)́ЁѡЁչչѕ́ٽݥѠ)ѡͥЁ́́QЁ)́́ͼɕ͕Ёq]ѡɉtԤ(ā!A$ե)=ɝȁ͍ɕ饹ȁɕЁյ)́ɥЁɕɭɕձ́Ѽ)ѥɔձѥ́٥qհQt(ĤQ́ɥٕѥյх䁕ᅵ́ѡ)́ѡѥ镹́MɄ1Ѽѡո)éمхѥѥ͍́ѕȁ)ɽɅѕ٥݅ȸQ́͡܁٥ѥ)͕́ݥձ䁍ѽѡȁѼɅ܁)ѡՅѥ́ѡЁѡѼɝٔЁѡ)Ёѡѕȁ܁ɕ́ѡ)ɽѥ́ѡՙɕ%ӊéݕəհ)Ʌѥ܁ȁєхЁ)хѼٔձ䁉э)Mձݔɕ䁕ɅѡمՔѡ́а)ݔ܁ѡᅵ͕ЁqA%Ё݅ɓt(ݡɕ͕ٕͥѠɅ(!)=͵Фх́ͽՑ̴́́)ͥЁѼЁձ䁉݅丁UȁՍѥ)ɽ́ѕȀ-٥M䤁ѼݥѠ)ѡЁݽձЁյ䰁ѡչѕ)٥͕́Ёݸ̃q她Ё݅ɐt)ݡ́ȁɕ䁝٥ͥхѼѡ́)չȁѡѥѡЁѡ䁑ѡͅ)ȁѡ́̃q嵕ӊtȁ٥ɕٕՍ