HAPI Guide Summer 2017 - Page 39

CONSCIOUS CINEMA “Samsara” (2011), a cinematic meditation depict- ing images of the natural, cultural and artistic el- ements that combine to constitute our world, for better or worse. Upon screening this visual feast, viewers are likely to come away with a renewed perspective on our existence, how all of its compo- nents fit together and our place in it. Of course, if we wish to improve upon the quali- ties of our interconnected world, it helps to have tools to work with in accomplishing this task, be they metaphysical or tangible. That’s where two additional documentaries come into play. “Some- thing Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What” (2009) provides us with insights into a variety of extraordinary paranormal or psychic skills that of- fer evidence of our connectedness and that we can work on developing to create better lives for our- selves and the world at large. And then there’s “Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World” (2016), director Werner Herzog’s examination of the Internet and related technologies, tools that have the potential to bring us closer together or, 39 | HAPI Guide conceivably, to drive us seemingly further apart, depending on how we use them. Connection is not exclusively the stuff of documen- taries. Our sense of entanglement is also reflected in a number of fictional works, such as the Academy Award-winning comedy-drama “American Beau- ty” (1999), the saga of an unemployed husband and father (Kevin Spacey) seeking to maintain his personal integrity (and his sanity) while preserv- ing the important connections in his life to keep his increasingly disrupted reality dissolving be ɔ)̸́Q́䁥ٽٔ͡ՙɥɥѥ)ɕɅЁɕѥ̰͡Ёѡ䁅)ѡѥ́éѼɝݥѠ)ѡ͔ݡɔLݡLͥЁ)́)ѡ՝Ё݅́٥̰ѡѥ́)ȁѕѕѕݕ役ȁ)єɽչ̸Q́́ɕа)ᅵq tؤ͕䁑Ʌє)Ёٕѡ́ѕݥ͕ɥ́ѽɥ́ѡ)ѡՑѡչ䁱́)ݕɥ ɅAа є )Фمѥ5ɽͽѡɸ ɹ)͕Ȁɥ Ʌ鄤ѕ)ݕ5᥍)͔ѕ(I-ՍݡɅٕ́ѡѕѥ)ȁѕхЁͥ͵ѡȀ/ѩ)e͡!܁ѡѡɕ́ѡ́х䁅ɔ)ɥͥ䁥ѕݽٕݥѠѡȁݥ̴)ɥ锁٥ݕ̃Lȁ܁ѥٔ)܁ݗeɔЁѡͅ)=хٕͥȁ́eЁѽ)ݥѠɅѡ䁅ͼѕɽ́)ͥ́ѡȁɕѥ̰Ս́ѡ͔ٕɹ)Ʌ́ѥ͕́ѡ)Սٕɱq ՐѱϊtȤQ)ѥ́ɥɽѡ]ͭͥ(ЁݸȃqQ5ɥt͕ɥ̤ɕ͕́ͥ)ѽɥ́ѡ̰ɽѡٕɕ́)չȀ)Mɝ̤ͥѼѡ)MѠAѼ!݅ɥ͵Q)!̤͕Ѽ٥ٔеѥ)ݽɱչɕ́啅́ѡɔQɽ՝ѡ)ٕѥٔɥѡ́͡܁́܁)ٕ́ɔѕɽ́ѥ܁ѡ