HAPI Guide Summer 2017 - Page 19

ABUNDANCE HEALTH gets too close physically. Timing and moods are also factors in terms of individual needs. You may have heard about the person who insists another wear a sweater because she (the one insisting) is cold. RULE II: “He/She who has the money (GOLD), makes the rules.” Unfortunately, this Golden Rule is resulting from a part of our society obsessed with power, greed and ego. Our economic base, as great as it is with the free enterprise philosophy, has bred many generations of financial-success-oriented machines, many with little or no conscience. The bottom line for these people is money, power and ego gratification. The primary way to more power and ego gratifica- tion is money, using others in whatever way pos- sible and whatever way necessary. In business, in families, friendships – and yes, in most current mate relationships – He/she who has the money/ gold makes the rules. The ones without the gold have to get permission, approval or support from the controller of the finances/resources for pur- chases and decisions involving money. In close relationships, especially mate relation- ships, the emotional element adds to the pressure when it comes to money. The one who has the money controls with it and/or the other one ma- nipulates or conforms to get what he/she wants. In many sad cases, the money is the main, if not the only reas ( 2FRRvfVV262FW&RVf'GVFVǒFRG'VR6F&ƗGB&Fpf"FW6R6WW2WfW"FWfV2FFR&6gVfЦrWW&V6RB6VB&R( 2FVw&FVB7&GVVFVFB66ƖvVBFWWfW"VFRvWB7BFRFW&VBbFw3RFRtB%TU2%TRFVFW'6Vbf"FRvW7Bv@b'V6VWrW6VbFRvW"F7FrG'VRFW"FfRGW&RB&Vr&VЦ6bƖvBf"vFW72vFV6FW"vR67&VFRvBVFV&R&bƖvBBRwVFPFR&'vF&RvW"@Vvw&Ff6F0WW6rFW'0vFWfW"v76&RBvFWfW vV6W76''W6W72f֖ƖW2g&VG62( 2BW27B7W'&VBFP&VF62( 2R6Pv2FRWvBW2FR'VW2%TRc( 6&RFRvB( FRVfW'6r`GG&7F'&w2W2FBf"v6vR&Rw&FVgVBFBv6vRV֗BvfRWBvFWfW"v@vRfR2VFƖVBvV6&VBvFvVW&W0V'BBW7V6ǒvVFR6f"FRw&VFW7@vBbFB2FRG'VRtB%TRc( fBFRvN( ( 26VRFRvBWfW'ЧFrWfW'RVFvRB( 2W7BR&RVFvVBVWFrBFRv&BvF&R( vBЦVƖvN( fWrF&WBBvBvW2&VB6W2&VBvBR( 6V^( 6FfVVBF( 22v@RvWBvvVBR&V7BWBFFP6V7FfR( N( bFB2( 2FrVvFfR FvrFRgFW"vR&RR@vBvRFFFW'2vRFFW'6VfW2vWFW N( 266RFFR&VF6FF7G&vW FR7G&VWB'W6W726GVF"FW"RЦƗfr6V"7&72FRWB6RFFЦǒFffW&VB7VGW&R( 2vBW2RFFV VVG2FW6&W2B&vG2&RW72'F@FW"v