Handmade Seller Magazine Sample Issue - Page 73

Holiday trends for




This season, we see a shift in holiday décor trends from classic to more modern themes, like neon, artsy, wooden, and earthy prints.

“Peace” and “joy” items are very popular; there has been almost 700,000 search hits for “peace” and 326,000 searches for the word “doves!”

Rustic is still a favorite theme for the holidays! The keyword “rustic” has been searched on Etsy over 7 million times and “modern farmhouse” searches have increased by 142%.

Food-related items are also a big hit this season. Searches for “tacos” and “donuts” have gone way up, whereas the search for “foodie” spiked by 415%!

“Neon” has been searched 1.3 million times by Etsy users. This means bold and bright colors are especially popular this season.

“Boho holiday” related searches have spiked up 67% in the last couple of months on Etsy.