Handmade Seller Magazine Sample Issue - Page 6

Writing a business biography can be one of the most difficult challenges you will face as an entrepreneur, and even the best writers struggle with writing about themselves. Unfortunately, as intimidating as it can be, it is a critical part of your business and ignoring it is not an option. All selling platforms require a shop biography, but in particular, Etsy has recently made some search engine algorithm changes that make a solid biography essential.



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"What are some creative ways that you have grown your business locally?"




"I volunteer to help with events outside of "art." Basically, I meet people in their world vs. expecting them to come to mine. I always let people know I am a "working" artist through my community involvement."

Never Bored Creations

Lisa @never.bored.creations

"I participated in a weekly "free art" event in my city and gave away all my 4x6 prints of city landmarks artwork. That helped me gain 200+ followers plus sales in my pretty quiet shop."


Miriam @papermolas

"We own a brick and mortar shop as well as sell online. We've grown our local business by using Facebook ads, hosting events, and having Artisan pop- up shops in our historic storefront."

Leather Quill Shoppe

Mandy @leatherquillshoppe

"I advertise in local high-end lifestyle magazines." NikkiDesigns

Nikki @nikkidesigns


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