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Archetyping helps you to:

Understand and appreciate your own, unique personality on a deeper level

Identify and work with those who are most likely to be your ideal customer

Understand why others behave the way they do

Identify your unfair advantages

Create healthy boundaries

Develop products and services that won’t sap your energy

Make money doing what you love without sacrificing your own personal values

The Jester

A lighthearted individual who laughs at life’s absurdities and encourages others to enjoy life with all of its paradoxes and dilemmas. Goal: To help others live a more enjoyable life and take things less seriously. Values: Playfulness, joy, light-heartedness, impulsivity, spontaneity, exuberance, humor and resourcefulness.

The Communitarian

Relatable and loyal they accept others fully and believe that we’re all created equal and have something unique to offer.

Goal: To foster a sense of belonging where people feel accepted and valued. Values: Unity, fairness, dignity, empathy, camaraderie, collaboration, community and resilience.

The journey of the Warrior, the Nurturer, the Maverick and others are ingrained in our culture and within our psyche. These archetypal stories are familiar because they are innate and exist deep within the subconscious. As a brand, this is powerful because it means you don’t need to go out and create them. They’re already there. You just need to tap into them by telling your brand story through the lens of your archetype. Breathing life into your brand through archetyping makes it natural for consumers to relate to and connect with you.

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