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The Nurturer

A caregiver who demonstrates great care and compassion for others. Prefers the sideline to the spotlight. Goal: To make sure others feel worthy, cared for and valued. Values: Kindness, compassion, dedication, caring, altruism, empathy, support, generosity and understanding.

The Magician

A visionary able to transform situations and influence others to turn dreams into realities. Views life with limitless possibility. Goal: To bring ideas to life, create great transformations and to make things happen. Values: Possibility, vision, synchronicity, intuition, inspiration, action, inventiveness, intention and charisma.

The Warrior

A hero figure who always fights for what matters. Disciplined and caring, they use courage to defeat obstacles. Goal: To help themselves and others push beyond their limits and become the best they can be. Values: Courage, bravery, will, determination, grit, discipline, competition, strength, winning and action.

The Maverick

An innovative boundary stretcher unsatisfied with the status quo. They are fearless, revered and anything but ordinary.

Goal: To buck trends and create change without concern for comfort levels. Values: Non-conformity, innovation, radical ideas, powerful change, rebelliousness, liberation and confidence.

The Passionate

A relationship-oriented soul who seeks connection, intensity, harmony and depth in their relationships with others.

Goal: To develop a pleasing environment and to help people feel appreciated. Values: Relationships, connection, emotional intelligence, passion, commitment and harmony.

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