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handmade seller magazine | 54

The Luminary

A reliable source for quality, well-researched information. Generously shares their findings and enlightens others.

Goal: To seek truth, knowledge and understanding.

Values: Clarity, curiosity, intelligence, confidence, wisdom, truth, critical thinking and open-mindedness.

The Innocent

An eternal optimist who inspires others to seek positivity, joy and simplicity in all areas of their lives. Goal: To find happiness and purpose through uncomplicated means. Values: Wholesomeness, purity, idealism, trust, honesty, optimism, simplicity, hope and renewal.

The Explorer

A curious wanderlust who thrives on self-discovery and gaining a better understanding of the world around them. Goal: To achieve fulfillment through new adventures and discovery. Values: Freedom, self-discovery, possibility, ambition, discovery, integrity, adventure and growth.

The Monarch

A commanding presence with both the desire and ability to lead. Inspires others to believe that they can excel with the right strategies. Goal: To lead by example and create a prosperous and controlled environment. Values: Systems, responsibility, organization, stewardship, confidence, results, efficiency and control.

The Creator

An inherently expressive and non-conformist visionary. They use imagination to transform reality and can find inspiration anywhere. Goal: To create unique and meaningful offerings with enduring value. Values: Art, imagination, self-expression, authenticity, vision, innovation, value, craftsmanship and creativity.

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handmade seller magazine | 54