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What is

a Brand?

Before you can understand how to build a remarkable brand, you need to be clear on what one truly is. We start by explaining what a brand is not. Your brand is not your logo or your design. It’s not your business name or even your products.

A brand is how your company is seen, felt, and remembered by all those who come in contact with it. It’s the impact it creates, the experiences it provides and the memories it makes.

Research shows that consumers connect with brands much in the same way they do in their personal relationships: through emotion. They feel drawn to brands they see themselves in. They buy from those they recognize, like and trust. It’s not about creating a brand you can live with. It’s about creating one you can exist within.

The goal of effective branding is to create alignment with your brand’s public persona and all of its inner dimensions. We do that with some help from psychology.

A brand


how your business is personified

in the

minds of consumers.

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