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letter from the founder...


letter from the


elcome to the Handmade

Seller magazine! I'm so glad

that you decided to check our publication out! This is a free sample and it's comprised of various articles that we've published throughout the years.

My name is Dani and I'm a digital artist and long-time entrepreneur (over 14 years). I founded this magazine in 2015 to support creative entrepreneurs, provide inspiration and guidance, and give you something to read every month that helps you feel re-centered, excited, and confident that you can build a profitable business.

We feature artisan entrepreneurs every month who have accomplished amazing things like getting over 20,000 blog visitors every month for free (April magazine), launching a successful Kickstarter campaign (Sept. magazine), or growing an email list to over 44,000 people (Dec. magazine).

When I first started in business I found that I learned best by reading stories from people who had accomplished exactly what I was trying to do. It was a relaxed way of

learning and it

helped me find relevant

information as well as showed me that everyone is the same and that I was just as capable of reaching my goals as everyone else. Years later, that sparked the idea for this magazine.

Our typical magazine issues are between 70 - 80 pages and include business stories from sellers, featured display booths and studios, columns from experts in the industry, exclusive discounts, and the Newstand which covers the latest industry updates from Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, shopping trends, social media, eCommerce news, and more.

You'll also notice that this magazine is interactive! We include links, resources, downloads, and videos in the magazine.

The last thing you should know about the magazine is that there are multiple ways for subscribers to read it. It can be downloaded, printed, and even listened to. We hire a professional voice artist to record each magazine so that that you can listen while you work.