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Good photography is everything and I’m useless at it, so I posted on Facebook for someone to do it for me, and I now have an arrangement with the most amazing stay-at-home Mom. That leads me to my next point: learn to delegate. As your company gets bigger you’ll soon learn that you cannot do everything; start by taking the jobs you dislike the most, bookkeeping for example, and pay someone else to do it whilst you concentrate on other things.

I am fortunate that Neil’s technological know-how enables us to produce beautiful molds with imprinted designs. He also takes care of shipping and order management. I ensure the product is made correctly, maintain

compliance with all legal and health

requirements, and I work with our

small army of sales reps. You can

also take a look at your local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade; they usually have information sessions on the nitty-gritty of business. Their social events will give you the opportunity to practice talking to other like-minded business owners about what you do and what makes your product stand out.

I’m not going to tell you it’s a walk in the park because wholesale selling is not for every handmade seller.

You will have sleepless nights; there will be tears, shouting, and screaming. But prepare to be flexible, resourceful, and open to ideas, and you could find yourself at the head of a successful wholesale company. Other people do it so take a critical look at your business and your industry and ask yourself what is stopping you from considering a wholesale branch.

Delegation is key

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