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Private label products

Creating your label, also known as

a private label, is another way to get

into supplying wholesale, especially if your skill set includes any knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or other graphic design software. With a private label company, you sell your products in bulk to another company, and you put their label/logo on the product rather than your own. It is an excellent way of expanding your customer base and, although it does nothing to promote your brand, it is possible to build a very profitable

arm of your business with

consistent orders under the

name of established companies.

Be aware of what your product

volume capabilities are as own

label orders tend to be large. You

will need to work out how much to charge for replacing your logo and information with your clients info. This may be a one time fee for your time if you just need to create label templates that you print as required, or you may have to add a small charge to each order to have labels printed. Our private label business accounts for around 50% of our sales, and we run a completely separate website for our off label clients. To manage the two companies, we’ve set up the packing department with our label/brand on one side and the private label products on the other to streamline productivity.

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