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Making Your Product

a Hit

Next, you have to ask yourself,

“What makes my product stand out?” Is there a niche you can fill? You will need a massive dose of realism here, because it’s not about what you like anymore, it’s about what will sell. If I had my way, everything would have patchouli in it and there would be no lavender or fruit scents. Now, we know that’s

not going to work! You are not

always your target market. We looked at one of the leading bath bomb makers for inspiration.

I admire how they market things: Handwritten signage, no packaging, and everything is very touchy-feely, but it leaves your bath a mess. That was an ongoing comment we noticed when reading reviews, so we figured our selling point needed to be a simple cleanup, mess-free bath bomb. We worked on a formula that left no slippery or slimy mess, no dried flowers to clean up, and no stains on your towels. We now produce bombs in a fantastic range of scents that tint your bath water pretty colors.

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