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The second part of the argument is the fact that watermarks can hurt your sales. There are 3 main reasons for this:

You are missing out on opportunities to be featured. Etsy, Google Shopping, bloggers, Instagram influencers, and digital magazines will not feature a product with a watermark on it. Why? Because they know watermarked images don’t get as much attention from viewers They’re not going to take the time to feature images that won’t get a good response from their own audience. This brings us to the second reason.

Watermarked images can look unprofessional. There’s a reason that no large eCommerce store uses them: they decrease the perceived value of your products and brand and scream, “amateur” rather than “high end.”

Watermarks are really distracting. When you see a shop page where all the products are watermarked, it’s almost as if your eyes can’t see anything else other than the watermarks and the pattern they create, even when the watermarks are small and discreet. The focus should be on your products. Anything that distracts a viewer from your product will lower your conversion rate (the number of people that purchase from you). This is a huge reason that watermarked images do not get featured by experienced influencers or affiliate marketers.




"Take a look at the two images on the next page and ask yourself if your eyes are being pulled toward the watermarks or the jewelry. If any of your attention is being pulled toward the watermarks, then the watermarks are a distraction."

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