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Pick your very best 5 listings. Choose

seasonal items that currently sell well, have great pictures, great keywords, and great reviews. Think of it like investing in a billboard. Would you choose to put up your best-selling, most amazing product or something that has never sold very well? You will also want to focus on items with keywords that lots of people are currently searching for rather than a niche item with a small target market. Only promote those listings! The idea is that these listings sell well and lots of buyers are looking for them. The more they are seen by customers, the more sales you’ll get!

Start with a $1.00/ day budget and check back

every day or two at first to see how it’s going. Tweaks will be needed. The first few weeks of implementing promoted listings are very hands-on.

Use a low minimum bid for each item you’re

promoting. Never, ever use the Etsy’s auto bid feature! You may choose to use their suggested bid, but put it in manually. Tomorrow that auto bid could go up to $4.00 per bid! Start out with .10 and go from there.

Take a look at your stats after the first day.

Check the Decision Tree that I made to find out what to change. Remember that ads will take some time and effort to get right!

Know your numbers. What percentage can you

afford to spend on a sale? I aim to make 10 - 20X what I spend on promoted listings (this is your ROI – Return on Investment). This means that the ads cost me 5 - 10% of my gross sales. Determine what you can afford. If you are a digital seller, for instance, you may be more comfortable with spending more on promoted listings because your products cost less to make.






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