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What is a bid?

This is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click. You could certainly end up paying less, but this puts a cap on what you’ll pay. Keep in mind that it may take 100 clicks to get a sale, so you want to pay a low amount per click. 1-5% is a good conversion rate to aim for. That means you’ll get 1-5 orders per 100 views.

What is the Average CPC ?

(Cost per Click)

Since you don’t always pay the highest bid, Etsy averages the bids to tell you what you actually paid on average during the time period given.

What is ROI ?

(Return on Investment)

ROI is how much you make on what you spend via Promoted Listings. If you spend $10 and make $100 from that investment, you’ve made 10 times what you spent. Or, 10X ROI.

My Etsy Promoted Listings Glossary

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