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My Etsy Promoted Listings Glossary

What are promoted listings? Etsy Promoted Listings help you get seen by more customers by paying a fee each time someone clicks on an advertised listing. It’s up to your amazing shop to get them to click on your item (great pictures and appropriate keywords) and purchase your item (pricing, copy, shipping, reviews, and variations). In short, promoted listings are a way to PAY to get SEEN. It’s not, however, a guarantee that buyers will actually click and buy what they see!

What are Impressions?

These are the number of times a shopper saw your listing in the search results. So for Promoted Listings, showing up on the front page of search or the 40th page doesn’t matter. What matters is that your listing was shown to someone in their search and counted as an impression. If your listing got many impressions and no clicks, Etsy PL (and Etsy’s regular search algorithm) will likely show your listing less often as a result.

What are Clicks?

When someone sees your item (an impression) and then selects view the item, that’s a click. In Promoted Listings you pay for every click on your listing. You need great photos and appropriate keywords to get people to click on your listing.

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