Handmade Seller Magazine Sample Issue - Page 13

Myth 2: “I’m already on the first page.”

No one is on front page of search anymore! Etsy is now showing customized listings to each buyer, so each front page of search is a little different. Also, even if the same item is in the search below your promoted listing, customers seeing your item multiple times seems to create familiarity and helps them remember it. The more exposure the better!

Myth 3: “I can’t afford them.”

I aim to make 10 - 20X what I spend on promoted listings so that Etsy only takes 10% of each sale. If you can’t afford to lose 10% of your sale price, it’s time to adjust your pricing. If your promoted listings are costing more than 10% of what you earn, it’s time to fine-tune your promoted listings plan.

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