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Aden Thomas grew up in central Wyoming. His work has been featured in numerous literary journals. He now lives southeast of Jackson Hole. Daniel Thompson has an M.F.A. from the University of Victoria and has been published in a range of literary magazines in Canada and the US. He is a reader and contributor to the Tongues of Fire reading series and has written several books, all currently seeking publishers. Sara Trattner is a Columbus, Ohio, based poet whose work has previously been featured in Bop Dead City, Imitation Fruit, Mad Swirl, and Heartbeat. When she isn't writing, Sara likes to watch videos of cute animals who are too large for her teeny apartment.
 Mercedes Webb-Pullman: IIML Victoria Universi ty Wellington New Zealand MA in Creative Writing 2011. Her poetry has appeared in Turbine, 4th Floor, Swamp, Reconfigurations, The Electronic Bridge, Otoliths, Connotations, The Red Room Company, Typewriter, Silver Birch Press, Kind of a Hurricane Press, and Cliterature, among others, and in her books. The latest, The Jean Genie, explores the work of Jean Genet through a series of contemporary sonnets. She lives on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand.
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