Gyroscope Review 16-4 - Page 66

Garrett Hoffman is a 25-year-old writer from NJ. He finds inspiration in everything the world and life has to offer. He's been writing seriously since 2008 and has been published five times as of this past June. He loves mythology, hats and cats.
 Oonah V Joslin’s new book of poetry, Three Pounds of Cells, will be available mid-October 2016 from the Linnet’s Wings Press. She is Poetry Editor at The Linnet's Wings quarterly journal and you can find her on Facebook or at Parallel Oonahverse. Kit Kennedy has published three collections of poetry including while eating oysters (CLWN WR BKS, Brooklyn). Her work has appeared in FLRev, Runes, Great Weather for MEDIA, Van Gogh’s Ear, The Pedestal Magazine, Switched-on Gutenberg, among others. She lives in San Francisco where she serves as Poet In Residence of San Francisco Bay Times. http:// Sandra Kolankiewicz's work has appeared widely over the past 35 years, most recently in Appalachian Heritage, BlazeVox, Gargoyle, Fifth Wednesday, Prick of the Spindle, Per Contra, Prairie Schooner, Appalachian Heritage, and Pif. Turning Inside Out won the Black River Prize at Black Lawrence Press. Finishing Line \X\YH^H[H[ˈYH^Y\۸&]ܞHۈHXۙ^H]\܈Hݙ[ \ݙ[] ͈܈[\][ۜH]B\] [H[ \]Z[XHHXYKP˂ XHܚ\٘]H[ܝܚY\]H\X\Y[X][YXX][ۜ[Y[Έ[\]\[ [X\ۈ]Y][Y\H]YH]Y]˂H\X\YYHX[ۜو[\[\Y[Z[]Y܈H\\^H]B[Y\ˈH]\[Y[ZY[˂ZX^H[\Hܚ]\[]\و[Hܛۈ[[]H\]Y\œ[[Y[YX\^H[\]YHZ\[\\ܙX]]HۙX[ۋX[ۋ[]H]H\X\Y[ۜ[Y\XY^[\]\\[]\\H\[ˈ\\[Hۙ\ΈHو]K\X\Y[ M[ܙH]˓ZXY[[ܚ]\ K[Y\^H^8&\[\]H\X\Y[H\وHHۛXX]]Y]Z\X[H]\]\KH][\ۈ]Y][HZY\]X\\KH]\[][KZ[Y[X[ۙH]\[H\[]HYHوH[[\^H\XK\]H\˜Y[X\Y[ݙ\ L ]\\H\[[[Y\HYۚYX[[[[وX]BX\Y]][ۜKKYH\\Z[][ۜˈ\]\[[X[ۈ]\][ۙY]\X\YH]ܛ\\ Xܘ[Y[H[\H[]B][[H]\\X\YHYYH\ []ۊK*\H]Y] MMYH HH