Gyroscope Review 16-4 - Page 57

CONVENIENCE STORE BY SARA TRATTNER it’s been a long time since anyone said he was a writer a rust belt poet browsing a campus convenience store picking up shitty beer and circus peanuts fingerprinting “everything is beautiful” in condensation on the chest freezer he wants to drink nicotine wraps himself in cigarette smells like mothers arms and mother’s clothes back in grade school he took it literally when you said “take me for what i am” so he took you made you the patron saint of aching bones i’m sure someone’s got a god for that and he paces the aisles wishes he ate to be full of catharsis like krispy kreme would heal his muscle spasms he asks you if people can be symbols people can be symbols but there’s probably a god for that too who says “one too many” like it’s a gift at the udf he pays for his haul with a matchbook and two keys pulls the midwest from his wallet and leaves a penny
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