Gyroscope Review 16-4 - Page 51

Interject an injection here, to mimic wrinkle-free fabric, erasing the faces’ character. Add some angel to our skin through bacterial toxicity, gifting paralysis to our muscles so our smiles don’t damage our dimples. Tox wrapped in a Bo, commercializing cosmetic alteration, hemming an identity dress. I can’t change the channel away from the trending towards Chanel sunglass masks. I’ve seen enough and it’s not even noon yet. A fading vignette is the picture of today’s synthetic superlative, yet the flawed have far less flaws than the flawless. Still, the sum would rather obscure into the mainstream marketing glamour guzzle than suffer the illusion of living unnoticed lives. It is the masses’ manufactured marveling that will cause them to fade out of focus, and disappear in the glitz. ← This is them. See the sparkles? Let me spare suspense its 24-7 workload. Your crazy is crazy, but society is mad bonkers insane. Three hundred years ago it wasn’t crazy to burn innocent women on suspicion of witch-work, (and sometimes we still do, with a different kind of fire.) So if you think you’re not make-it-to-tomorrow material, stop. If you think you’re not not not together, stop. And tell the sheep-shit-show-media-marketing-sewer-stew to stop. To just stop. Gyroscope Review 16-4 Page 4! 1