Gyroscope Review 16-4 - Page 46

TORCH FISHERS N. MILLER BY JOHN Dusk is brief so near the tropics where darkness snaps shut like a lid on the horizon following sunset, with no long wait for the salt wash of the sea to ebb under a new moon, draining the fringe of reef off Ka’a’awa. Look for the torches’ orange flames rising from the past stretching their glow on shallow water toward your vantage point on shore. Through a whiff of kelp breathe deeply— smell the kerosene-fed flames fueled from rag-stuffed canisters. You can’t make out the dusky figures holding their torches—fishermen probing with twin-pronged spears for squid, impaling light-stunned food fish, kumu or mo’ano. You won’t know whether I’m still one of them, the smallest and least successful, if I have a vantage point on shore, or if I’m a continent away. No matter which darkness clamps down quickly; when the moon is new and the tide low, look for the reef that fringes Ka’a’awa to spout orange flames once more. Gyroscope Review 16-4 Page 3! 6