Gyroscope Review 16-4 - Page 39

BY OFF SIDE CHERYL J. FISH Prepared for rain, we arrive early wearing ponchos Search for soccer field number two, Red Hook, Brooklyn In striking distance of Ikea’s flagship Stockholm-on-the-Gowanus Blackened factories, ships’ containers Trucks fire up tacos, serve plantains and guava drinks Our team gets called off-side Again and again, a whistle, a hand, nothing counts A foot might wedge or pivot in air And end up east or west, anywhere They don’t stand a chance against the bulky Latino strikers elbows gnash their bony-boy physiques in fancy uniforms, shiny red-and-yellow cleats Our coach’s panicky indignation fails to ignite passion The ball arrives first The others barrel it into our net when we miss Their siblings mock-kick on the sidelines, a dog runs on the field. Losing takes grace. I head to the truck for a shake Amid whistles, bewilderment One boy boots a crushed Pepsi can Into the blinding sun. 
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