Gyroscope Review 16-4 - Page 28

THE THING ABOUT YOUR DAD BY KARI GUNTER-SEYMOUR I could lay on the guilt. Say if you hate your dad you’ll end up like him. Bitch your own Karma. Not like if you got caught with a joint or skanked on someone’s girlfriend. I’m talking about divine decree. I would be the first to admit heartless disregard is the worst. Not even a postcard the whole time you were in Iraq. Though there was that one summer he taught you all the words to Rubber Soul and to shave even before you needed to. Face it: he’s a phenomenal liar. Off the tracks more then a little, he said it made him mental, thinking of ways other people could fuck up perfectly good lives. You’re wasting years, Son. Simple math. A person can’t go around telling people what to do with their lives as long as he has without eventually believing he knows what he’s talking about.
 Gyroscope Review